Indian Classical music has a rich art form that is traced back to the Vedic period which was evolved over thousands of years. It absorbed Persian and folk music of the Indian subcontinent. This has been handed down generation by generation through the oral tradition of learning that includes the music and theory, history, and cultural and spiritual understanding.

Mission Statement

My primary mission is to propagate, preserve, and nurture India’s ancient art form in its pristine purity.

To accomplish these goals:

  • The music taught is conveyed in schools and colleges, Yoga Ashrams, lectures, seminars, workshops and performing arts events.
  • Students have class performances and concerts to enhance and further expand the audience.
  • Ongoing music education programs are carried out for vocal music, Tabla, Sitar, Esraj, and Harmonium giving a deep breadth of the modalities to explore Indian Classical Music.
  • Students are taught the Raga notations both in the Indian score system and in Western score system to enhance understanding and appreciation.
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Upcoming Events

February 8, 2019

Sitar Workshop & Concert
University School
Shaker Hts. Ohio


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